Technological evolution discloses space for new experiences, where the relationship and boundaries between human and object, human and environment are not defined yet.  Estrangement and discomfort, ambiguity and vagueness often come together with novelty and disruption, while xenophily and escapism facilitate the exploration of virgin territories.

Superabundance Mask is a vision of the human body as substratum for the formation of a fibrous biodigital entity.
Integrating contemporary technologies of body mapping and digital simulation of natural systems, the Superabundance fibrous tissue is a morphological system that can be controlled and designed modulating its aggregate properties, such as extension, continuity, density, orientation, rather than acting locally on the shape of its elements, whose identification is in fact uncertain.

The human body is read as territory, while traits of the face are overwritten. A continuous fibrous tissue covers the eyes, mouth, nose; the new face is featureless and unstable, allowing change, such as extension and shrinkage, via addition or removal of fibers.

Instances of the simulation can be seamlessly produced through additive manufacturing.
Driven by the desire to craft an image, the project aims at discussing the boundary, conflict and connection between diverse entities, the human body and a synthetic formation, nature and technology, physical and digital.
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