The year is 2019. Synthetic biology, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and other technological and social transformations affect human thinking and shape new representations of the world. Notions as nature and culture, human and inhuman, digital and material become unstable, as the distinction between organism and artefact, born and made is uncertain and ambiguous.​​​​​​​
This complex, multidirectional ensemble of technological, social and cultural transformations sets the ground for novel aesthetics to emerge, new ways to describe and appreciate how things look and feel, that we name postnatural.
Postnatural is an aesthetic category, identifying an ambiguity within contemporary ideas of natural, artificial, human, inhuman, technological, cultural, digital, material. Postnatural identifies the inability to trace back an object of perception to a single notion among these, to describe it as such in a clear way. Boundaries are uncertain and objects ambiguous. Hybrid entities appear, mutations, chimeras and polymorphisms.​​​​​​​
This set of images, generated through a design process that employs image processing algorithms, explores an ambiguity between digital and material aesthetics. While the distinctive stretched pixel recalls digital, immaterial associations, the emerging volumetric formation retains a geological feel, cracks and fractures that open to dark material depths.
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